The Movies

Have you ever wanted to try running your own movies studio? The Movies gives you that opportunity by putting you in the shoes of an aspiring movie mogul starting in 1920s Hollywood. Hire directors and actors for your films, ensuring they get enough acting/directing practice so that they'll give their best performances. Be careful not to stress them too much though or next thing you'll know, they'll be drowning their sorrows with alcohol or food. Don't forget to recruit builders, janitors, film crew, scientists, scriptwriters and personal assistants too!

Once you've hired the actors, directors and ancillary staff you require to make movies, you'll also need to construct places for them to work and relax. A majority of your studio lot will be occupied by sets of one of five genres (Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance and Comedy) which you can research and then build to be used for filming your movies. While your scriptwriters are making the final touches to that 5-star film script, you can get your directors and actors to practice their roles on the set.

Eventually the script is complete and you must then decide which actors and directors would make the best fit for the film as the game takes into account not only how much experience the actors/directors have, but how good-looking they are and how well they get along with the rest of the crew. Filming then starts and it's your job to make sure that the actors and directors don't throw tantrums on the set or this could adversely affect the quality of the movie. Usually you would do so by making sure they pay a visit to the bar or restaurant beforehand, but don't make this too often or else they may get addicted!

When the last scene is finally shot, your movie is then ready to be released to the world! Keep an eye on movie critic reviews to gauge what can be improved next time you make a film if you want to ensure your studio isn't making B-grade movies indefinitely!



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Game Information

Lionhead Studios
Activision Publishing
Management, Simulation, Strategy
NA Release Date
November 8, 2005
JP Release Date
April 20, 2006
EU Release Date
November 10, 2005
AUS Release Date
November 17, 2005
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
MVGL User Score
7.4 by 51 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
Daniel Pemberton
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84 User(s)

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