The Walking Dead: 400 Days

400 Days is a brand new chapter in the world of The Walking Dead. Set in the same geographical region as Season 1 but telling a story of a new set of survivors, 400 Days is split over five short stories centered on a truck stop on a Georgia highway. These five linked stories each take place at different points in time and from the point of view of a different characteer, from day one of the undead apocalypse to day 400.

The five stories can be played in any order and will change based on the choices that you make. Echoes of the choices you made in Season 1 will carry over into 400 Days and the choices you make in 400 Days will resonate into Season 2.


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PlayStation 3
Telltale Games
Telltale Games
NA Release Date
July 2, 2013
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7.1 by 77 user(s)
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