Stuntcar Extreme

Stuntcar Extreme is a racing game with an early-'80s retro funk style. The player is challenged to build up stunt points, score and time records good enough to face the ultimate opponent, The Duke. The comedic story is driven forward by dialogues between various characters after each race. The characters are set in a chilling area, with the initial one being a "Milkshake Bar". By winning the stunt cup, players can proceed on to the next area with different characters.

By chatting with the characters the player can challenge them to duels for stunt points or their car. Initially, players are only given a low powered SCE Petit, which won't guarantee them many victories, so it is essential to win cars from other characters. Often opponents will refuse to race the player until he has proven to be a worthy opponent, e.g. by making an impressive enough stunt jump while racing, or by achieving a good enough lap time on a specific track. Players can go to a weekly "Friday Race" to achieve these.

As the story advances new tracks are unlocked, as well. The game has 7 tracks with names such as Ring of Fire, Metropolitan, Icy Drifts, and Rollercoaster.

A quick race game mode is also available, as well as head-to-head wireless multiplayer support. The cars and tracks unlocked in championship game are unlocked for the other game modes as well. It is also possible to unlock a car by winning head-to-head wireless games.

The game boasts a total of 20 different cars, each with their own unique characteristics.



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January 20, 2005
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Jonne Valtonen
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