Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.

Batters and fielders abilities are measured with five different statistics: Batting, Power, Speed, Defense, and Arm. Pitchers abilities are measured with three different statistics: Speed, Stamina, and Control. Statistics are measured by a number 1-10, with 1 being the weakest and 10 being the best.

Every pitcher in the game has four pitches. The first pitch, which is used by pressing the A button, is always a fastball. The second pitch, a breaking ball, is thrown by pressing the B button. Pitches thrown with the B button include curveballs, sliders, and screwballs. The third pitch is the changeup, and is used by pressing the Z button and the A button simultaneously. The fourth and final pitch is the "special." Special pitches include the super fastball, super changeup, splitter, cut fastball, and knuckleball. The special pitch is used by pressing the Z and B buttons at the same time.

Batters use the analog stick to move a batting circle to where the pitch is shown to go before it reaches the plate. The batter then presses A to swing. If the batting circle is placed where the ball is thrown, and the swing is on time to when the pitch goes over the plate, the ball will be hit. This feature can be turned off by changing the batting style to classic in the Options menu.

Baserunning on offense and throwing to bases on defense is controlled by the C buttons. The button pressed corresponds to the base (Ex. The right C button is pressed to go to 1st base, up to go to 2nd base, etc.).

The game accounts for injuries and real time fatigue, seen most clearly through pitchers. This is especially true if the pitcher uses their "special" pitch too often.


Official MLBPA licensing; more than 700 official players
Season stat tracking; team, players, schedules, injuries, scoring.
Three skill levels, two different batting styles (arcade and classic), alternate running styles
Dynamic camera angles
Multiple gameplay modes, including exhibition, season, world series and home run derby
EEPROM data management
Rumble Pak compatible
Two-players simultaneous; four-player home run derby mode
Play-by-Play by Joe Buck and former Major Leaguer Tim McCarver from Fox Sports.

The music was composed by Steve Adorno of the groups GQ, Devoshun, Seguida ny Latin Rock. On it he played drums, keys, guitar, and funk bass.



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Nintendo 64
Angel Studios
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May 31, 1998
EU Release Date
May 31, 1998
AUS Release Date
May 31, 1998
ESRB Rating
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7 by 2 user(s)
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Steve Adorno
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