3D Mine Storm

3D Mine Storm was a pack-in with the 3D Imager itself.

In 3D Mine Storm, the player controls a ship through multiple mine fields destroying all mines on each field to progress to the next field. The game will start with the enemy minelayer seeding the first mine field. Mines are left in 3 different levels or planes per field. The player's ship will come into view after all the mines have been activated and the minelayer has left the field.

Using the joystick to rotate the ship, the player can maneuver through each field using button 3 for forward thrust. Buttons 1 and 2 are used to mysteriously move to a new location on the screen. This must be used cautiously, as it might put the player's ship directly in contact with a mine. Button 4 is used to fire at the mines. When shooting a large mine, it will break into two smaller ones. Once these are destroyed, mines from the second plane will move up to the playfield. When all mines from the second plane are destroyed, mines from the third plane will come into the playfield. As each level progresses, the minelayer will return to personally fly at the player's ship. It must be fired at to be destroyed.



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Shooter, Simulation
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July 8, 1983
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