Alan Wake: The Signal

In this first downloadable content pack we find Wake facing a threat unlike anything he's ever encountered before -- and yet one he's intimately familiar with. In order to make sense of it all, he must follow the Signal.

Continuing on where the main game finished, Alan finds himself outside the diner in a night time Bright Falls which quickly changes to daytime. Entering the diner, a surreal déjà-vu dream of the events play out similar to when Alan first arrived, with everything eerily familiar but out of place. Alan is unable to remember where he was prior to this moment, but knows he must go to the back of the diner which he forcibly enters. Zane talks to Alan and warns him that he should go no further and that Alan must focus. Zane plays a video of Alan struggling with reality and even telling of events playing out at the moment, Alan realizes where he is; The Dark Place.


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Game Information

Remedy Entertainment
Microsoft Game Studios
NA Release Date
July 27, 2010
MVGL User Score
7.4 by 42 user(s)
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75 User(s)

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Xbox 360 Xbox One Xbox Series X/S

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