Ronin: Spirit of the Sword

Ronin: Spirit of the Sword tells the story of a samurai searching for scrolls containing a powerful sword technique in the evil mansion. The game borrows from the roguelike genre with a first-person view. You move around the mansion collecting weapons, armor and chi upgrades along with consumable items. From time to time you are attacked by enemies ranging from ghouls to ninjas. In battle mode you swing or thrust your katana with left mouse click and block with spacebar. Attacking or blocking drains the respective meters so it is necessary to time your attacks and blocks. You can also use magic, but it depletes your chi meter.

There is a total of three stages and three difficulties. The stage layouts are randomized, and there's an automap feature. Your progress, stats and belongings are preserved with the passwords. While playing you may encounter naked girls who will tell you their names. You may take a look at them again if you type their names in game's Gallery mode. The game's story, presented in comic panels, also contains some erotic images. Additionally there's the Arena mode where you fight waves of enemies.



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Game Information

Action, Adventure
NA Release Date
April 11, 2003
JP Release Date
April 11, 2003
EU Release Date
April 11, 2003
AUS Release Date
April 11, 2003
MVGL User Score
4 by 1 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
Yuki Kajiura, Noriyuki Asakura
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