Bad Ice-Cream 2

Bad Ice Cream 2 is a very unique game which resembles “Pac Man” and “Bomber Man” that al we used to love. The game is created by the game maker Nitro-me. Bad Ice Cream 2 is one of a kind puzzle game to that will find in this age. To begin playing the game you start off by selecting a pack of three frozen dairy bad ice cream that are almost and ready to wreck the havoc. In simple words the bad ice cream you select are the ones that are rebelling different animals that are trying to eat them. The way to do it is by collecting fruits which splits like ice cubes in order for them to get down to business. If you are a bad ice cream you will find it dearly easy to collect all the fruits and defy all the animals roaming on the stage at each level. The main goal after you select which bad ice cream, you must get all the various selection of fruits at each stage without getting hit or eaten by the animals roaming around. You start playing the game after you select which type of bad ice cream, you can opt for chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.Bad Ice Cream 2 are very simple to play for example if you hit the space bar, your bad ice cream generates a row of ice blocks immediately. While playing the game you should watch out on rolling, ramping bulls, bursting flames and rolling log traps. Playing techniques are very simple. How to overcome difficulties? The only challenge in Bad Ice Cream 2 game is to stay alive and avoid being meltdown at all 40 levels of this game. You might be fooled and misdirected by the melodic sound and graphical pixel and the game is continuing which is a challenge on its league. The first levels are joyful to play but you proceed the game gets difficult and needs a lot of concentration.



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Bad Ice-Cream Team
NA Release Date
December 21, 2012
JP Release Date
December 21, 2012
EU Release Date
December 21, 2012
AUS Release Date
December 21, 2012
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7 by 2 user(s)
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Dave Cowen
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