Big Mutha Truckers

Can you truck n' trade your way to the top? There may be some sibling rivalry along the way (not to mention obstacles of other types...), but as Ma always says, "When it comes to business, family don't mean squat!"

*Unique gameplay concept - trucking, trading and cunning combine!

  • Open-Ended Gameplay -players are not forced to drive a linear path in the living, breathing cities.
  • Four unique main characters each with their own personalities, driving styles and attributes.
  • Smashable scenery - as the driver of a massive 18-wheeler, you're not restricted to just roads. Use the weight of your truck to discover new routes and hidden bonuses!
  • Sophisticated Economies - Learn what to sell where and when to stop - or risk damaging the price.
  • Hi-Level AI: Inhabitant behaviour varies depending on your actions. Police may even team up with truck jackers to bring you down!
  • Streaming technology with no stopping for loading, no matter where the player drives.


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Game Information

THQ, Empire Interactive
NA Release Date
June 25, 2003
MVGL User Score
5.7 by 3 user(s)
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4 User(s)

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Nintendo Gamecube PlayStation 2 Nintendo DS Xbox Nintendo Gameboy Advance

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