FIFA Soccer 2002

The 2002 installment in the Electronic Arts soccer series. The game features 16 leagues, 500-plus teams and a total of 10 tournaments. FIFA also makes use of a reward system that lets you unlock new tournaments and even get some player cards. All of the game's rosters can be manipulated, teams can be edited (uniforms, stadiums, etc.), current players can be tweaked and new players can be created. As far as modes go, FIFA 2002 adds a World Cup qualification tournament. This allows you to take any of the teams in the AFC, CONCACAF, UEFA, or CONMEBOL and go through a series of matches that determine who gets to participate in the 2002 World Cup in Korea in Japan.


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Game Information

Alternative Titles
FIFA 2002: Road to FIFA World Cup
Nintendo Gamecube
EA Canada
Electronic Arts
NA Release Date
November 21, 2001
JP Release Date
November 15, 2001
MVGL User Score
8 by 2 user(s)
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PlayStation 1 PlayStation 2 PC

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