Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold

Included in Mad Dog McCree: Gunslinger Pack.

The sequel to American Laser Game's original Mad Dog McCree, with pretty much the same gameplay and motion capture graphics. This PC conversion seems to have been tweaked a bit to be more stable than the original Mad Dog. There's also somewhat limited replay value as you can choose from 3 different guides for 3 different routes through the game.

The anonymous main character must track down the wanted outlaw himself, eliminating any and all gang members and hostiles along the way; from the introduction, one can conclude that he or she will be up against renegade Indians, banditos and "Mad Dog's sleazy crew".

The player proceeds through the game, first by taking a preparatory shooting lesson with a stagecoach driver – played by Ben Zeller, who appeared in the role of the prospector in the original game – and then by choosing one of three guides: Buckskin Bonnie, the Professor and Shooting Beaver. Each guide takes the player along a different, unique route, but they converge in the game's final shootouts, which take place inside a moving train and in Mad Dog's hideout; the latter scene is especially lengthy and culminates with a showdown with McCree himself.

However, hunting down and defeating the infamous gunfighter is not the player's only goal; Mad Dog has hidden a chest full of treasure in his hideout and it is up to the player to get it back from him. At times, the player will discover that the treasure chest is full of sand and obviously does not contain the "lost gold". However, this scene does not always occur unless the player has reached the end using more than one credit; furthermore, the sand scene does not appear on the CD-i or DVD versions of the game.



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Nintendo Wii
Digital Leisure
Interactive, Shooter
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June 16, 2009
EU Release Date
August 28, 2009
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