Open Season

Open Season is a riotous romp in the great outdoors, where the rowdy brood of forest animals turns the tables on a bunch of unsuspecting hunters. When a domesticated grizzly named Boog gets lured into leaving the creature comforts of home by a fast-talking mule deer named Elliot, he finds himself lost in the woods just three days before hunting season. Forced to "rough it" in the great outdoors, Boog goes native, rallying all the forest animals to take back their home and send the hunters packing. The Open Season video game allows players to relive the movie experience by playing as Boog and Elliot. Throw skunk bombs, hurl rabbits, use acorn-firing squirrels and pull outrageous woodland pranks to scare the pants off the hunters in this action-adventure romp through the forest.


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Game Information

Nintendo Gamecube
Ubisoft Montreal / Ubisoft Quebec
NA Release Date
September 19, 2006
EU Release Date
October 6, 2006
MVGL User Score
5.3 by 10 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
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13 User(s)

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