Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

Help the Yellow Chocobo rescue his friends from a storybook nightmare! In the Final Fantasy side-story for the Nintendo DS, players must help the Yellow Chocobo wander around the world of Final Fantasy in an attempt to rescue his friends who have been captured inside an evil book and turned into two dimensional cards. The evil book also swallowed up a book of fables, which has been scattered about the Land. Only the Yellow Chocobo can enter the book and set everything right once more.

In each storybook world, which is based on a familiar story (with a Final Fantasy Twist), players must complete a series of skill-based mini-games in order to set the story straight, rescue a Chocobo friend, or find a playing card that can be used for battle against the various bosses. Rewriting a book's ending will also effect changes in the world outside of the book.

Battle are done in the form of card battles. Players create decks of fifteen cards that they will find throughout the adventure, and use them to combat the boss creatures that are causing havoc in a particular story. During each turn, both players start with three cards in their deck and must use one of these to battle the other. The player who chooses their card first will attack first, but players must also watch which which colored cards are in the opponent's immediate hand, to avoid a surprise attack.

Other mini-games are also found throughout the Final Fantasy world, and can be downloaded (via a single card) to up to four total players.



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
Chocobo to Mahō no Ehon, チョコボと魔法の絵本
Nintendo DS
Square Enix
Adventure, Card & Board
NA Release Date
April 3, 2007
JP Release Date
December 14, 2006
EU Release Date
May 25, 2007
AUS Release Date
May 24, 2007
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
CERO Rating
ACB Rating
MVGL User Score
6.7 by 116 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
Nobuo Uematsu
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187 User(s)

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