Princess Maker 2

A hero saved the human race from utter annihilation by the gods. This same hero then was charged by the heavens to take care of young seed dropped from there. This seed becomes his daughter, and her guardian will be watching her progress. In Princess Maker 2 the player assumes the role of a father to the blessed daughter of the heavens. For the next eight years, the hero will nurture and guide her in the path of the player's own choosing.

It is possible to choose the path of the zodiac-influenced daughter by scheduling her to jobs and schools, which will raise her statistics (strength, combat skills, cooking, faith, etc.) Each month allows the player to designate three different tasks for her to follow. Balancing between character development, stress level, health and financial income is the focus of this game.

Mini sub-quests and various plot options revolve around the young lady adventuring in the wilderness, provided that she's strong enough to tame the wilds. The player can equip her with armor and weapons to fight off wandering random monsters in turn-based combat.

The game starts with the daughter at age ten, from which point the player guides her until her adult years. Choices made during the course of the game will determine her eventual marital status, accomplishments and her relationships with other people. There are 74 unique endings in the game.



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Alternative Titles
TurboGrafx CD
NEC Interchannel
RPG, Simulation
JP Release Date
June 16, 1995
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MVGL Difficulty
Masahiro Kajihara, Ryu Umemoto
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