Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

Do you believe in destiny?

You come back to your hometown after a 10 year absence. You run into your old crush, who's all grown up. Going to school together, talking about memories of the past… The two of you are getting closer day by day. You've known him forever. Now experience the thrill of unexpectedly falling for him.

◆ The excitement of seeing them all grown up You were just kids before and he wasn't someone you could depend on. But now you're getting piggyback rides and sudden kisses… What'll you do now that you see new sides of these guys? ◆ Experience love in a small Tokyo neighborhood Kindhearted characters are there to support you. A brotherly café owner gives you advice… while a busybody lets slip the guy you like!? ◆Moving confessions of love! Telling you about the feelings he's held onto for 10 years at your secret hiding place, seeing shooting stars from the park where he kissed you 10 years ago… Experience totally romantic scenes with the guys from your past!



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Game Information

Voltage, Inc.
Voltage, Inc.
Visual Novel
NA Release Date
March 13, 2014
JP Release Date
October 8, 2013
MVGL User Score
7.3 by 3 user(s)
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