It couldn't be simpler. You get pieces of different sizes and shapes. One by one you put them down on the playing board - soon you've made your first loop. Yeaaaah! Now it's not so easy. This time you didn't get the pieces you wanted. Never mind - just start another loop. All of a sudden the board's getting just a little too crowded. Now you're struggling to find a place to drop the pieces (who cares where they go, you can't afford to let the timer run down because you'll lose a life). Now it's getting really hectic. Did you honestly think this game was simple (and this is just the first level of Game A). Pretty soon you'll be dreaming about LOOPZ. Wondering if next time you'll be able to make a longer loop than ever before - or more loops than your record. Will LOOPZ drive you crazy? You bet!



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Commodore 64
Audiogenic Software Ltd.
Audiogenic Software Ltd.
NA Release Date
January 1, 1991
EU Release Date
January 1, 1991
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David Whittaker
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Nintendo NES Nintendo Gameboy Sharp X68000 Amiga Amstrad CPC Zx Spectrum

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