Jim Henson's Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival

Yipes! The awful, evil Dr. Grump has pignapped the lovely Miss Piggy and taken her to his secret carnival hideout! Now Kermit and the whole crazy Muppet crew need your help! Jump! Leap! Hop! And charge into action! But watch out! Dr. Grump's Carnival of Clamorous Confusion is a rollicking roller coaster of thrills, spills, and chills! Join Kermit as he faces the fearsome challenge of the Raging River Ride. Help Fozzie lick the Amazing Ice Cream Maze. (But beware of those Canine Carnival Barkers!) Blast off with Gonzo on the Lost in Space Ride. Then let Animal drive you crazy on the incredible Crash Car Course. And if you dare, enter the ultimate challenge - the Cave of the Grumpasaurus! Only your quick wrist, sharp wit - and some help from Kermit and the gang - can defeat Dr. Grump and rescue the still-lovely Miss Piggy! It's Muppet mayhem! You'll want to play again and again!



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Alternative Titles
Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival
Apple II
Action, Adventure
NA Release Date
January 1, 1989
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Dennis Intravia
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Nintendo NES Commodore 64 PC

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