Win, Lose or Draw

All the challenge and action of the real TV show! And more . . . introducing the unique video drawing feature that lets YOU draw the clues, or the Computer Artist automatically draws the clues for you. Hurry! The clock begins to tick . . . the tension mounts . . . your concentration and reflexes are put to the test as pictures of wacky phrases and famous people are revealed on the screen.

Your living room comes alive with laughter and excitement as you try to outwit your friends. It's the perfect party game! And fun for the entire family!

Exciting Win, Lose or Draw Features: -Computer Artist automatically draws clues on the screen like a real player -Practice Mode quickly turns you into a video artist -Play alone or with up to six people

Win, Lose or Draw. . . it's fast-paced fun for everyone!



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Game Information

Apple II
Softie, Inc.
Hi Tech Expressions
Trivia & Game Show
NA Release Date
January 1, 1988
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Nintendo NES PC Commodore 64

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