Victory Road

You begin this game on the "stairway to heaven" through a weird Egyptian land. Having survived the bloodsucking monsters of the first phase, you then progress on to the actual road itself.

This is where the fun really begins! You will meet vampires, two and three headed monsters - the head will fly at you on its own, just when you think you are gaining the upper hand.

The road winds on and on, through tombs containing the bones of former seekers after fame and very much alive Eldrich horrors. Trapdoors and elevators transport you - sometimes to your surprise inside ancient buildings and under lakes and oceans. Collect icons to build up the firepower necessary to fight off your aggressors.

Action and excitement all the way with this macabre and unusual game; which has that elusive extra something to keep you coming back for more.



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Game Information

Apple II
Quicksilver Software
Data East
NA Release Date
January 1, 1987
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Toshikazu Tanaka
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