2 in 1 Combo Pack: Sonic Heroes / Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

SONIC HEROES Sonic Heroes is a 3D action-platformer in which the player takes control of a team of 3 characters, each with a special ability - speed, fly and power. The objective of the game is to race through levels as quickly as possible whilst defeating enemies and collecting rings. Your time, rings and enemies defeated make up a point system, and more points mean a higher rank on the level. There are 4 teams of characters each with their own changes to the gameplay:

Team Sonic is the intermediate difficulty featuring Sonic (speed), Tails (fly) and Knuckles (power).
Team Shadow is the hard difficulty featuring Shadow (speed), Rogue (fly) and E-123 Omega (power).
Team Rose is the easy difficulty featuring Amy (speed), Cream (fly) and Big (power).
Team Chaotix features new mission-based objectives with Espio (speed), Charmy (fly) and Vector (power).

The game features 4 modes:

Story Mode, giving players the opportunity to play through levels as the story progresses.
Challenge Mode, giving players the opportunity to replay levels that they have previously cleared in Story Mode
Battle Mode, a multiplayer mode where players can race or battle each other
Tutorial Mode, teaching players the basics of playing the game.

SUPER MONKEY BALL DELUXE This game is basically a fusion of Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 for the PS2 and XBox. All of the levels from those two games are available in this collection, and all of the minigames are already unlocked and included. Formerly only available to GameCube players, the Super Monkey Ball series has made it to the PS2 and Xbox after a wait of almost 3 and a half years.

The game itself plays very much like the old arcade game Marble Madness. You control a monkey in a ball, and you have to navigate it through many perilous labyrinths to the finish. In the previous two games you had limited lives/tries, but here you have infinite lives, which makes it all the easier.



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Arcade, Platformer
NA Release Date
December 7, 2005
ESRB Rating
MVGL User Score
MVGL Difficulty
Jun Senoue, Hidenori Shoji, Sakae Osumi, Haruyoshi Tomita, Ryuji Iuchi
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