Hudson Best Collection Vol. 3: Action Collection

This volume of Hudson Best Collection brings two classic Famicom action games to your GameBoy Advance:

● Challenger

One of Hudson Soft's earliest NES titles, Challenger is an arcade-style game that combines side scrolling, run 'n jump action with overhead, exploratory gameplay. The game consists of two parts. The first part has you racing the clock to get to the front of a train, where a purple-faced villain is holding your significant other (or, perhaps just some anonymous princess). You have at your disposal a trusty throwing knife to take care of enemies. Part 2 places you in an overhead, maze-like environment, where you once again have to fight the clock. This time though, you have to navigate your way through the area, in search of all the different "keywords", which are placed in different caves.

● Milon's Secret Castle

Guide Milon through the four levels of Garland Castle in his quest to reach the top floor and vanquish the big boss! The journey is a difficult one though, because the castle is locked up tight and Milon doesn't have the keys. You will have to use your bubble attacks to fend off the castle baddies while busting up every block in sight trying to find all of the hidden treasure and other secrets throughout the game. Unlike most platformers, Milon's Secret Castle is less about defeating all of the enemies in an area, and more about scouring every bit of each room to find the secrets that lie within Garland Castle! Milo can uncover practically anything in the game.



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
ハドソンベストコレクション Vol. 3 アクションコレクション
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Hudson Soft
Hudson Soft
Action, Adventure
JP Release Date
December 22, 2005
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