Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on the Game Gear is a fighting game that mixes one-on-one versus fighting with some brawling/beat'em up elements.

The game's story mode consists of seven battles against monsters (and the evil Green Ranger) sent by Rita Repulsa to destroy the Power Rangers. Each stage consists of two segments: in the first, the selected ranger must face some Putty Patrols in the beginning, which can usually be dispatched in just a few hits. A short appearance by Goldar follows, and once he is driven off, the actual main boss of the stage appears and must be beaten to reach the next part. In this, the monster will usually morph into a larger version of itself and the Power Rangers must use their Megazord mecha to defeat it.

Before each stage, any of the five rangers can be selected to play the next level. Once the Green Ranger has been defeated, he also becomes available as a playable character, and for the Zord stage, the player can choose from the Megazord and Green's Dragonzord in either standard or fighting forms.

The Game Gear's two buttons are used for punches and kicks, while pressing both at the same time is used for powerful attacks like throws and uppercuts. Each character also has three unique special attacks.

In vs mode, any of the game's characters (six rangers, three zords, six monsters and the putty patrol) can be selected for one-on-one matches against a randomly selected opponent. Link mode allows two players to compete against each other via the Gear-to-Gear cable.



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Game Information

Sega Game Gear
Action, Fighting
NA Release Date
August 1, 1994
EU Release Date
August 1, 1994
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Keisuke Nishino
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