Kyojin no Doshin 1

Kyojin no Doshin 1 is a game where you are god. You wander an island of sun worshippers as nothing less than an avatar of the sun, Doshin the Giant. As Doshin you may wander the Island helping native worshippers by bringing them trees altering land, fending off disasters and repulsing marauding monsters. The more you help the larger you grow... However it's not easy always being so nice.

With the touch of a button you become the feared Jyashin! A red winged demon whose only wish is to destroy. Using fireballs and his great strength you'll level whole civilizations to feed of the islanders hate and grow larger. By no means is the object of the game just to grow, you know that the villagers must build 16 monuments in your honor... However you possess a knowledge, an almost instinctual one, that when this happens a horrible fate will meet the island. Will you chose to forever serve and torment the populace or will you help build the monuments that you know must be built?

The game allows you to do whatever you like within the limits of Doshin's abilities. Want to build a mountain, go for it. Want to be genocidal, the world is your oyster. After half an hour of gameplay the sun will set and Doshin will "die" for the night, and when you start the next day you will have shrunk to your starting size. The only goal is to influence the villagers to build monuments in your name, whether they build out of devotion or fear is up to you.



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Nintendo 64DD
Simulation, Strategy
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December 11, 1999
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