Star Gladiator: Episode 1 - Final Crusade

PsOne Classics title.

Star Gladiator explodes in true 3-D on the PlayStation game console with characters and moves that you must experience to believe! Protect Earth from the imminent attack of a mad doctor and his plasma terrorists as they draw energy from the plasma power the fighting power of the mind. The federation puts its trust in the genetically-altered aliens known as Project Star Gladiator. In stunning highly-detailed off-world locales crush the evil and brilliant doctor and his minions into space junk before they pound Planet Earth. The warriors of Star Gladiator will rule the third dimension!

3-D Realism Extra-Terrestrial Warriors Sci-Fi Action Plasma Power

  • Precise, responsive controls and fluid movements across all 3-Dimensional planes
  • 10 outrageous characters from Zelkin, the bird-man with razor-sharp claws and Ringal, the dinosaur mutant with volcano-fire spitting jaws to Gore, the super-naturally gifted wizard who grows to heights beyond the screen's capacity.
  • Continuous variety of weapon combo attacks, like Plasma Combos, the Plasma Strike (a once-per-match last resort) and the Plasma Final, the ultimate super combo.
  • Three-dimensional fighting arenas and backgrounds in space with rotating satellites dishes and spaceships roaring by in battle pursuit.
  • 4 different Game Modes, Arcade, 2-player Versus, Training and Group (Team) Battle Mode



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Sony PS Vita
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December 17, 2011
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Arcade PlayStation 1 Sony PSP PlayStation 3

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