Rampage: World Tour

Rampage World Tour is a 1997 arcade game. It is the second entry in the Rampage series.

Up to three simultaneous players control the monsters George (a King Kong-like gorilla), Lizzie (a Godzilla-like dinosaur/lizard), or Ralph (a giant werewolf), created from humans who were mutated by experiments conducted at Scumlabs. They need to destroy all buildings in a high-rise city to advance to the next city. On their way they can destroy helicopters, tanks, taxis, police cars, boats, and trolleys, as well as eat people.

The monsters can jump and climb buildings, and attack enemies and buildings with punches. Some buildings also take damage when jumped on.

The player receives damage from enemy bullets, grenades, shells, etc., and from falls. Damage can be recovered by eating the right food, such as fruit, roast chicken, or soldiers. If a monster takes too much damage, it reverts into a naked human and starts walking off the screen sideways covering themselves with their hands. If the player continues, the human will mutate back into the monster with a full life bar.

The game was developed as an arcade game for Midway by Game Refuge Inc. designers Brian Colin and Jeff Nauman, who conceived and designed the original back in 1986. It was then ported to the Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, PlayStation, Microsoft Windows and as a download on the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network only through Midway Arcade Treasures and has been re-released on Midway Arcade Treasures 2.



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Game Information

Nintendo Gameboy Color
Game Refuge
Action, Arcade
NA Release Date
December 31, 1998
EU Release Date
December 31, 1999
ESRB Rating
MVGL User Score
6.4 by 5 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
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10 User(s)

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Arcade PlayStation 1 Sega Saturn Nintendo 64

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