Xiaolin Showdown

Lead a kung fu monk and his three martial arts warriors on an action packed quest to search and protect the Shen Gong Wu. Omi, a Kung Fu monk leads three young dragons-in-training on their globetrotting adventures to search and protect the Shen Gong Wu, mystical power objects that gives its possessor super powers, from a band of villains led by Evil Boy Genius Jack Spicer, his army of robots and an ancient witch Wuya. They fight for the Shen Gong Wu one showdown at a time, where the universe transforms itself into a mystical, hyper-reality world. Our heroes have to rely on their superb martial arts skills, wits, and the mystical powers of the Shen Gong Wu to fight evil. Based on the WB Kids animated series players control 4 warriors, working closely to together to combine their mystical powers, as they advance on their quest. Find and collect Shen Wong Gu while progressing thru an environment filled with hazards, enemies, and collectables. Compete in "Showdowns" that transport your warriors and test your martial arts skills. Battle epic bosses in winner-take all arena style combat. Six playable characters with mystical kung-fu powers.



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Game Information

Sony PSP
BottleRocket Entertainment
Konami, Warner Bros.
Action, Adventure
NA Release Date
November 14, 2006
EU Release Date
June 29, 2007
AUS Release Date
May 2, 2007
ESRB Rating
Everyone 10+
PEGI Rating
ACB Rating
MVGL User Score
6.8 by 6 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
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10 User(s)

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Nintendo DS Xbox PlayStation 2

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