Space Station Silicon Valley

Long ago, scientists created a living space station, full of animals. After its launch into space, the station vanished, never to be seen again. Until now. The station has reappeared out of no-where, many years after its first launch, and is on a collision course with Earth. Two unlikely heroes (pilot and all-round ugly looking guy Dan and robot Evo) are now thrust with the mission to stop the station, and find out where it has been all this time. Sadly, not everything goes to plan, with their ship crashing into the station. Evo, the unlucky robot that he is, is thrown out of the ship and smashed into pieces. His only hope for survival is to attach his microchip into another host robot. Thankfully, underneath the wrecked ship is the remains of another robot, and with a quick fix Evo is now a robotic dog.

The game features 30+ levels of remarkably well put together missions that have players doing everything from jumping into the bodies of hovering sheep to taking over farting rats in order to solve puzzle-based challenges and advance.

*40 playable characters.

  • Over 90 different moves and powers.
  • Clear and detailed sound effects and 3D rendered graphics.
  • Dozens of levels.



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Game Information

Nintendo 64
DMA Design
Take-Two Interactive
Action, Platformer
NA Release Date
October 21, 1998
EU Release Date
November 1, 1998
AUS Release Date
October 26, 1998
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
ACB Rating
MVGL User Score
7.7 by 19 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
Stuart Ross
Added by
42 User(s)

This game also exists on:
PlayStation 1 Nintendo Gameboy Color

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