Mystic Chronicles

Orphaned as a child, Lux was raised in the small village of Selka by his grandmother. He lived a quiet and uneventful life there until on his 18th birthday, when he decided to join the legendary Holos Guild, an organization whose primary mission is to rid the world of evil. And that’s when Lux’s life began to change. A chance meeting with a young girl will lead Lux on an adventure of a lifetime, answering questions of his past and secrets that dwell deep within his soul… Is there more to Lux than meets the eye? You’ll never know quite what to expect in Mystic Chronicles!

Features: Assign godlike beasts to each character with the Guardian Beast system! Tons of exciting quests to complete! Craft hundreds of deadly weapons! Test your battle skills in the challenging coliseum! Classic visual feel of 16-bit era!



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
Fantasy Chronicle, Gensō Chronicle, 幻想クロニクル
Sony PSP
Hit-Point Co., Ltd.
NA Release Date
July 16, 2013
JP Release Date
September 4, 2012
EU Release Date
January 29, 2014
AUS Release Date
January 29, 2014
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Sony PS Vita

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