Call of Duty 2 (2006)

In the mobile version of Call of Duty 2, you take the roles of various soldiers fighting through World War II. There's four years (1942-1945), each one with two soldiers to choose from, each with their own set of missions. Everything but the first missions are locked, and you have to complete them to unlock the later ones, eventually unlocking the next year as soon as you finish every mission in the earlier one.

The missions can vary wildly, from location to objective and weapons. In some missions you have a team of soldiers to help you out, in others you have to work solo. You'll be instructed along the mission on what to do, as well as receiving hints and tips on how to do it. You may have to take down enemy troops, call in airstrikes, hide from bomber attacks, destroy enemy vehicles or even be left all alone sniping enemy units. The time you take to beat the mission is stored so you can try to beat the default "best time" or your own best time.

The game works in a pseudo top-down view, since the game works like a 2D top-down but the scenario is rather 3D. Most of the maps are similar, having you start on the bottom and having to make your way up to the top to progress through the mission. You can crawl under sandbags or hide behind buildings for cover, and sometimes there's medics spread around to assist you. The weapons are varied, from pistols, machine guns, sniper, bazooka or even a walkie-talkie to call in airstrikes. Most of the weapons simply fire forward, but to help you aim, some can "auto-point" at nearby targets, and others have a reticule that you move around with the D-Pad.



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Call of Duty 2
Mforma Europe
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January 5, 2006
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7.5 by 8 user(s)
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