Tyran is an action adventure game. At the start the player may select one of three available characters (Mage, Warrior, Nobleman), all with different wealth, power, magic, range and possession status. Defeating Tyrant requires finding an hourglass, magic map, a book of birth and delivering them to the altar.

The tactical adventure part of the game features wandering through the land in order to visit different places (inn, mage tower, mage hut, altar, nursing home, old mine, castle, lake tower, forest tower) equipped with various goods and overcome the encountered enemies, guarding of useful items. Places marked with dots show the spots with enemies (red - three, orange - two, yellow - one). Entering such location moves the player to the duel action area. Both fighters are described by five factors: energy, stamina, strength, blow, resistance. The player may bring forth seven hits, use the block and escape the arena. Winning the fight is awarded with some useful items, loosing means a loss of gold. The travel may be shortened by the use of teleport holes. The character can be equipped with one of six types of swords and armors, ten types of spells, a few types of magical and medicinal items. A very important aspect of the game is a constant supply of food. Depletion of food automatically ends the quest.



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Action, Adventure
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January 1, 1996
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