Romantic Holic

Meet your destined match through your decisions. A romantic love story that moves back and forth between dream and reality.

Ikemen Otome Story After a terrible breakup with her boyfriend, Jaime finds a white phone amongst his belongings. Jaime ends up connecting to her dream through the strange app on the phone named 'Dream Connector' where she ends up meeting a mysterious man...

Ikemen Otome Game Introduction The game progresses through dialogue and your decisions determine Jaime’s destined match. Complicated relationships that are determined by your choices. Your decisions will decide if you get to the bottom of the secrets of 'Dream Connector' and who Jaime will end up with.

*Don’t miss any minor details. Everything is connected. *Think hard about your relationship with other characters. It may affect your relationship with your desired match. *Nothing is for certain. Pick what you think is right. That will determine your future.

Otome Game Features A visual novel that's simple enough for anyone to enjoy but also with a deep storytelling experience with drama and fun. A simple gameplay system and an addicting story! Your choices determine the ending and achievements add more fun to the game.

*The text and characters create an immersive and touching experience. *Make your decisions and experience the ever changing storyline and multiple endings yourself. *Find hidden stories and achievements.



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Alternative Titles
Romantic HOLIC: Otome game, Romantic HOLIC
Buff Studio
Buff Studio
Visual Novel
NA Release Date
June 14, 2021
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