It's your first day at Department P, Moscow KGB and you can't help but think that whoever arranged for your transfer here either has a strange sense of humor or hates your guts. The KGB is still the most feared and pervasive intelligence-gathering network in the world. But now, the KGB itself is under secret surveillance by you.

Your superior at Department P in Moscow has just given you your first assignment: find out who murdered private detective Golitsin and why. This is just the first of his attempts to test your loyalty to the hardliners. But who can you trust? your Uncle Vanya, who seems to know more about the grisly murder of your parents than he is letting on? Or your superiors, whose own hidden agendas might even include the overthrow of Gorbachev?

Questions lead to more questions but one thing is clear the KGB reeks of corruption and you're about as safe as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Be advised, comrade you must act quickly and shrewdly to uncover the conspirators before they uncover you.

Movie-like storyline filled with surprising twists and intrugue Intuitive icon-based interface that means no more wading through menu after menu just "POINT" and "CLICK" *VCR-style "REWIND" option for keeping track of important clues and information



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Cryo Interactive
Virgin Games
EU Release Date
January 1, 1992
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