Kaguya-Hime Densetsu

The legend of Kaguya-hime is one of the most popular stories in Japanese mythology. Once upon a time, an old man went to the forest to cut some bamboo, and found a little baby girl. He took her to his house and named her Kaguya-hime. She grew up there, and soon became the most beautiful girl of Japan. Many young men, including the son of the emperor himself, tried to conquer her heart, but for no avail. One day Kaguya-hime confessed she was a moon angel, and returned back to the moon. In this game, you control the son of the emperor, and you'll do your best to reach Kaguya-hime and to protect her. You must overcome various obstacles and meet characters from Japanese folklore.

The game is a traditional Japanese adventure: all the actions are performed by selecting commands from the menu, including moving from location to location. You view the locations from first-person perspective, but there are also parts where you navigate your character from a top-down view. Beside the usual adventure commands such as "look", "take", or "use" (an inventory item) there are some more original actions available under "extras", such as "kiss", "attack", and even "undress".



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Nintendo NES
Victor Interactive Software
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December 16, 1988
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