When adventurer was lost and trapped in the mysterious Egyptian Palace, he has met the spherical Blue Jewel, which represents himself as trapped god without power and proposes to help adventurer if he solve all the puzzles. This should restore the god's power and allow him to break the seals. So adventurer steps into the Jewel and begins his adventure within palace.

You as adventurer inside blue jewel should solve the board puzzles. Moving the jewel you should move a set of tiles in horizontal and vertical planes. The directions of the tiles movement is pointed by the arrows. Specific tiles should be positioned in the row or column to be eliminated. When all necessary tiles will be removed the door will be opened to allow you solve another puzzle. Also the magic is present for player to do some actions to speed up puzzle solving. On each level the chamber with the six puzzles and seal exists. When three of six puzzles will be solved, the seal may be broken, and adventurer in jewel will be transmigrated to the next level. Difficulty is increased with number of specific tiles to be eliminated and logic to do it. Each level may be accessed via password.

Story mode, where story is described between levels, and Free Play mode, where the puzzles may be replayed are available as well as three difficulty levels.



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Nintendo NES
Human Entertainment
Human Entertainment
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May 31, 1991
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