Navy Blue

In Navy Blue, players command a naval fleet with the objective to defeat the opposing naval forces and destroy their main base.

Gameplay is based on the general rules of Battleship. Payers are presented with a four by seven grid map. This map lets the player select their next horizontally or vertically adjacent area of battle. The further the player gets away from their home base, the more enemy vehicles they will have to face in battle. The number of enemy vehicles range from four to eight depending on the location of the battle.

Once the location of a battle is chosen, players are presented with eight different naval vehicles to pick from. The vehicles to choose from are aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, nuclear submarines, bombers, submarines, and spy planes. Each vehicle has its own size and comes with its own unique special weapons. Most special weapons increase a vehicles firepower (i.e. hits more squares on the battlefield). In order to use these special weapons, the player has to spend their allotted unit points for ammunition. These special weapons can only be used while the vehicle is still active. If the vehicle gets destroyed, the weapons are no longer available to use.

Players then place their vehicles on the fourteen by eight battlefield and then take turns with their enemy firing at each others vehicles. Whoever sinks all their opponents vehicles first wins the battle.



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Nintendo NES
JP Release Date
February 14, 1992
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Masahiro Kusunoki
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