Gunman Chronicles

You are the leader of the Gunmen, the only few sources of law on the frontier. Five years ago the Xenome came, and the Gunmen only prevailed when the General sacrificed himself in a suicide attack. The Xenome are back, bigger and deadlier than ever. Who is behind the Xenome infestation? Will you live long enough to find out?

According to the game's introductory cutscene, the Gunmen act as a sort of military police force for humanity's inter-galactically expanding colonial empire at an unknown time period in the distant future. During a mission five years prior to the beginning of the game, the Gunmen were dispatched to a planet called Banzure Prime to investigate a communications breakdown with a research colony there, under the command of their leader, known simply as "The General". While investigating the colony, they come under attack by massive, worm-like organisms that form one part of a larger genus of creatures known as "Xenomes". The General, seeing his men have no chance by themselves, takes command of one of the Gunmen's dropships and begins performing bombing runs on the attacking Xenomes, destroying several before being captured in the jaws of one of the larger creatures. Meanwhile, the player character, Major Archer, rallies the remaining gunmen and orders them to retreat to the remaining ships and get off-world immediately, assuming that the general is already dead. The General, still alive as his fighter is dragged underground, pleads (apparently unheard) for rescue over the radio, but the Gunmen leave before having a chance to receive the message.



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Game Information

Rewolf Software
Sierra Entertainment
Action, First Person Shooter
NA Release Date
November 11, 2000
EU Release Date
December 8, 2000
ESRB Rating
Mature 17+
MVGL User Score
7.6 by 14 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
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19 User(s)

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