Blue Ice

The game takes place in a fictional kingdom called Icia, in which millions of laws have been contrived by its succession of rulers. The senseless law-making began with King Edward I, who found that he could blame the loss of his newborn child on the innocent Orseppro and banish her from the kingdom.

Ever since, the monarchs of Icia invented laws to cover up their own mistakes and shortcomings. When King Edward DCCXI (711th) dies prematurely, his twelve-year old son is left with the impossible task of learning all the rules of the kingdom before he comes of age and inherits it.

During this kingless period, it is stated that 'time stops'. The player's goal is to teach Edward that the laws are fuelling suffering and unhappiness in the kingdom, including his own. To do this, the player must complete tasks related to five pleasures of life - art, music, food, love and nature - that were otherwise restricted and shackled by laws.

In the king's residence are the servants to Edward - the cook, Daisy Scraggend; her daughter, Pollyanna; and Olly, a farmhand. The final character in the game is Hope - a personification of hope who provides an optimistic outlook. There are twenty-eight major locations that the player visits. A testament to the surrealism of the game is the ability to enter locations like the pond, the sky, the Sun, a glass of wine and even Daisy Scraggend's mouth. Each location features a looping portion from a piece of jazz, classical or new age music.

The particular piece can be identified by clicking the CD icon at the top of the screen. The most-used album for the game is The Future Sound of London's Lifeforms. Other artists/composers used include Paul Sch├╝tze, Tchaikovsky, Delibes, Maurice Ravel, Brian and Roger Eno, Blythe and Joustra, Tangerine Dream, David Sylvian and Duke Ellington.



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August 14, 1995
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