No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky is an exploratory science fiction game in development by Hello Games. The game uses unique procedural-generation technology to create a near-limitless variety of planets inhabited by unique plants and animals. Explorers brave a universe of beauty and peril, travelling across the cradle of the stars in a personal spacecraft seeking out all the secrets the vastness of the galaxy has to offer.

No Man's Sky is open-ended, exploratory, and incorporates a number of sandbox elements. No Man's Sky will initially limit player movement, requiring upgrades to a player's ship to reach more distant areas. These upgrades will offer incentives for players to acquire cash, which may be obtained through gathering, trade, combat, or piracy. The extra range afforded by purchasing upgrades will allow players to travel further and discover new troves of beauty and wealth. Players are free to interact with the environment as they choose. Ships can be modified and upgraded, factions aided or thwarted. Resources can be found on planetary surfaces and gathered for investment.



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Hello Games
Hello Games
Action, Adventure, RPG
NA Release Date
August 12, 2016
JP Release Date
August 12, 2016
EU Release Date
August 12, 2016
AUS Release Date
August 12, 2016
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6.4 by 241 user(s)
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