Aretha III

Aretha III begins once again in Halo Halo Town. Materia is now 20 years old and still taking care of Floyd, who is still bed-ridden with his ever depraved sense of humor. She sets out once again to find Doll, who ventured out to hone his skills. It seems like another does of Aretha II, but fortunately that’s where the similarities end. During her journey, Materia comes to the realization that the ring, as bestowed upon by the late King Leparton, was missing from its pedestal in Aretha Temple. Once she rendezvous with Doll, Ben Marxist appears and advises them to seek the ring in the past. Therefore, he casts a powerful magic spell that sends the pair back twenty years in time.

The third installment offers a some new perks. The maximum party members has now increased to four instead of three. The monsters in battle have a small degree of animation, which was something that even many Super Nintendo RPGs did not have, much less a Game Boy RPG. The “technical attack” aspect from Aretha II reprises its role in battle, except this time, the chance of performing it has increased significantly.



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Alternative Titles
アレサ III
Nintendo Gameboy
Japan Art Media
JP Release Date
October 16, 1992
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