Poostall Royale

That's right, this was all part of an elaborate April Fools joke. But what exactly is real and what isn't?

Quite simply, the game is real, the people who worked in it are real and all the plans to continue improving the game are real too!

While this game was never meant to be taken too seriously, the people behind the "C Team of RWS" are passionate and are willing to continuing polishing this game. All the new updates will be FREE!

So you got to this Steam page and you're wondering what in the blue hell you're seeing right in front of you. It's hard to explain really, one month in the making and the C team of RWS crapped out this absolute masterpiece that is available for you to download right now!

We can't believe we're not charging you for this masterpiece!
It's almost like that game... Hatred!
Shoot your way through multiple waves of braindead NPCs who are literally only programmed to run towards you while yelling random things recorded from a bathroom stall with a cheap USB microphone. Compare your highscore with your friends, if you have any. Enjoy the beautiful assets that we've bought and didn't even bother to make ourselves!
We've gone WOKE!
For the first time ever, you get to play as a female POSTAL Dude, complete with voice lines and everything.
The Pigeon Mission
Many years in the making, and it's finally here... the super ultra cool PIGEON MISSION is finally a reality! Feed pigeons as fast as you can and... well... that's it really. Wait, you expected to be able to kill them? we've gone woke, remember?



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
RWS C Team
Running With Scissors
Arcade, Shooter
NA Release Date
April 1, 2023
JP Release Date
April 1, 2023
EU Release Date
April 1, 2023
AUS Release Date
April 1, 2023
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