Ape Escape 2

This game takes place after the events in Ape Escape, where Kakeru (Spike in the English versions) stopped Specter from taking over the world. It is a few years later, and the Professor left for a vacation leaving his granddaughter, Natsumi (Natalie in the U.S. version), and Spike's cousin, Hikaru (Jimmy in the U.S. version), to watch over the laboratory. The Professor has left them with one task: deliver a load of monkey pants to the monkeys in Monkey Park. Hikaru accidentally sends not only the monkey pants, but some Monkey Helmets as well, wrecking the laboratory in the process. Specter gets a hold of one, and yet again makes an army of monkeys bent on ruling the world. Under Natsumi's orders, Hikaru aims to capture all the monkeys and stop Specter (due to the mess-up from earlier). However, Specter has supplied five monkeys, the Freaky Monkey Five, with Vita-Z bananas, making them stronger and more intelligent than the average monkeys.


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Game Information

Alternative Titles
Saru! Get You! 2
PlayStation 5
Japan Studio
Sony Interactive Entertainment
NA Release Date
November 12, 2020
JP Release Date
November 12, 2020
EU Release Date
November 19, 2020
AUS Release Date
November 12, 2020
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PlayStation 2 PlayStation 4

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