Pokémon Sleep

Rest Your Very Best! Just place your smart device by your pillow (don’t place your device under your pillow or blankets as it may overheat) to track your daily sleep! With features to record your snoring and sleep talking, and a smart alarm that will wake you when your sleep is light, you’ll be able to aim for your very best rest with Pokémon Sleep!

You can get a sense of what your sleep was like by checking your sleep score, which is based on how long you slept. And how about your sleep type? You may be deemed to be “dozing,” “snoozing,” or “slumbering” type for the night, based on how much you moved in your sleep.

You can look back in detail on how regular your sleep has been on a week-by-week basis. You may discover new insights into your sleep as you check your past trends, such as what time you tend to hit the hay on different days of the week.

With features like Pokémon-inspired music to relax you into sleep, plus smart alarms that wake you when you’re in a shallow stage of sleep, Pokémon Sleep may help you to rest your very best.

Various noises detected during your sleep tracking will be automatically recorded. You can play these recordings back and hear your snores and sleep talk or environmental noises, such as from traffic or wind.

By the time you wake, Pokémon will have gathered in Pokémon Sleep based on your sleep type and how long you slept. Carry out research on these Pokémon’s sleep styles to complete your Sleep Style Dex!

Raise Snorlax big and strong! Snorlax will grow larger by receiving Berries from the Pokémon you befriend. The more you raise Snorlax, the greater your odds will be of encountering Pokémon with rare sleep styles!



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The Pokémon Company
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July 20, 2023
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July 20, 2023
EU Release Date
July 18, 2023
AUS Release Date
July 17, 2023
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6.1 by 8 user(s)
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