Super Lone Survivor

As the masked protagonist, you must escape the city ravaged by disease, by any means necessary. Use stealth to scavenge food, or kill everything in your path. Nurture your mental health or descend into madness. How you survive is up to you. Multiple endings reflect all the actions you take, great or small.

Super Lone Survivor is a remaster of the original hit game with extra content and features. It has been completely rebuilt in a new engine. There's improved lighting and shaders, 4K and higher support, controller support, parallax scrolling. Additionally the game contains a new 4:3 presentation and all of the original art has been extended in height to support this taller aspect ratio.

There is new content exclusive to the game, hidden areas, two new sidequests, new foods to craft, new enemy types and new combat tools. There are also now three difficulty settings. The game includes remastered audio in higher quality, and nearly an album's worth of new music. There are 24 in-game Steam Achievements.



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Game Information

Nintendo Switch
Superflat Games
Horror, Survival
NA Release Date
November 24, 2022
JP Release Date
November 24, 2022
EU Release Date
November 24, 2022
AUS Release Date
November 24, 2022
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