Embraced by Autumn

Marcel is the illegitimate son of the famous actor Georges de Saint-Remy, a celebrated virtuoso on the stage, and a notorious rake with a penchant for sleeping with other men's wives. Owing to his father's seedy reputation and his own meek, socially awkward mannerisms, Marcel is bullied relentlessly by the other boys at his Parisian school, who seem determined to make his life miserable.

Fearful for her son's welfare, and desperate for him to have a respite from their family's continued drama, Marcel's long-suffering mother pulls Marcel from his school, and instead chooses to send him to her older sister's school in Myennes, deep in the French countryside.

There is a catch in this seemingly innocuous plan, however. Marcel's formidable aunt, Albertine, owns an all-girls' establishment, which has never before admitted any male students.

A sweet romance story with four heroines set in an all-girls' boarding school in France in 1896, featuring a crossdressing male protagonist.



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Nintendo Switch
Ratalaika Games
Visual Novel
NA Release Date
August 18, 2023
JP Release Date
August 18, 2023
EU Release Date
August 18, 2023
AUS Release Date
August 18, 2023
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