FIFA Superstars

FIFA Superstars was a football managing game available for play via Facebook, and later for iOS. In the game, users took the role of a football manager, managing a team by purchasing players, hiring a coach, upgrading the stadium and keeping the club fit in practice. FIFA Superstars was the first social gaming entry point for the FIFA franchise.

FIFA Superstars was a collecting and trading game that pitted players against real-life opponents. Playing matches would earn you coins, all of which could be spent on new packs of players, staff, training facilities and even stadium upgrades. The main goal was to rise through various leagues, building your team as you went, and to earn bragging rights by beating your friends in slick, predetermined flash-based match-ups.

When starting the game you'd be run through a basic tutorial and provided with a starter deck of players from real-life teams. These were likely to be obscure and poorly rated, but acted as the starting block for your team's progression. With the foundations set, it was your job to train, manage and improve your squad until you were the best in the world.

Winning a set number of matches would get you promoted to the next league, but you had to do so with limited turns. If you failed to beat five opponents in eight tries, you'd have to wait a few hours to have another pop. By getting your friends involved, winning matches and selling unneeded players you'd earn coins to improve your squad. Just like in FIFA Ultimate Team, prices of each pack were higher depending on quality, with Bronze, Silver and Gold available to choose from.

In January 2013, EA Sports announced that FIFA Superstars would no longer be available on 31 March 2013 because the company had to retire games in order to reallocate its resources to newer or more popular titles. The game has been offline to date.



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August 29, 2011
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August 29, 2011
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August 29, 2011
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