Purrfectly Hidden Cats - Kittenrock

Welcome to the enchanting 'Purrfectly Hidden Cats - Kittenrock' resort! Uncover hidden cats in a captivating mountain setting, complete with nature, cabins, and campgrounds. Delve into charming mini-stories and find surprises in a world that's playfully inviting!

Purrfectly Hidden Cats - Kittenrock" welcomes you to a richly interactive 2D world set in a picturesque mountain resort. The hand-drawn scene in Kittenrock is a labor of love, brimming with intricate details, natural beauty, and humorous Easter eggs, inviting thorough exploration and discovery.

The gameplay blends classic hidden object mechanics with a unique twist—interactive people and cats around the map, enhancing the engagement and depth of the experience. Your primary goal is to spot the skillfully hidden cats that merge seamlessly into the scenic resort surroundings, often revealed through playful interactions with the environment and its inhabitants.

Beyond the joy of discovering cats, the game unfolds engaging mini-stories that add layers of depth and charm. These stories are woven into the fabric of Kittenrock, creating a narrative that celebrates exploration and curiosity.

In 'Purrfectly Hidden Cats - Kittenrock,' the game's zoom feature enhances your experience: zoom in to uncover intricate details and interact with characters, or zoom out to admire the whole scenic beauty of the resort. Whether you prefer a close-up exploration or a broader perspective, the game offers a uniquely engaging and visually stunning journey, encouraging you to discover hidden cats and enjoy the diverse landscape of Kittenrock.



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Game Information

Gemcraft Games, Bleeding Moon Studio
Gemcraft Games
Hidden Object
NA Release Date
February 20, 2024
JP Release Date
February 20, 2024
EU Release Date
February 20, 2024
AUS Release Date
February 20, 2024
MVGL User Score
7 by 1 user(s)
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