Cannibal Abduction

After borrowing his father's car, Henry is ready to finally have a weekend trip to escape from his parents house. Everything was on track until the engine stops running in the middle of nowhere and a humble local offers to tow Henry to his farm in order to fix the car problem, but he and his family had other plans for the young punk.

Put yourself in Henry's sneakers and try to escape from the house of the cannibal family in this thrilling survival horror game made by the developers of The Night of the Scissors, and once again, inspired by classic slasher movies from the 80s and survival horror PSX games.

Experience the horror of being chased by a serial killer in his own house! Stay in the shadows, hide inside wardrobes, don't let him notice you. Plan your next move, your pockets are limited and you won't be able to carry everything at once. Cinematic camera angles and authentic VHS glitches. Collect tapes to record your progress. A perfect mix of calm atmosphere and tense sound effects. Two endings to help you discover why the family is acting so strange.



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Game Information

Xbox One
Puppet Combo
Horror, Survival
NA Release Date
February 8, 2023
JP Release Date
February 8, 2023
EU Release Date
February 8, 2023
AUS Release Date
February 8, 2023
ESRB Rating
Mature 17+
PEGI Rating
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