Sunes Sportlov

Sunes Sportlov is an adventure centered around a week of winter sports-vacation at the resort town 'Gruvdalen' with the school boy Sune, the main character of a Swedish childrens book series by Anders Jacobsson och Sören Olsson.

Sune is love-stricken by his neighbours daughter Sophie, who is also vacationing at the same resort, but manages to antagonize her at the start of the story, so she makes up some difficult tasks for him to fulfill before accepting his invitations.

The main objective in the game is to convince Sune's love interest, Sophie, to go to the resort disco with him on the Friday, and this is done by performing various task to impress her, during the week before the disco. The tasks are approached as adventure game puzzles, collect items to solve problems to achieve the goal set by Sophie; e.g. on Monday, Sune is required to write her name in the snow on top of the high slalom hill, which require some prerequisites gathered from other parts of the town.

Apart from the main disco dancing goal, Sune can also play nine minigames in the winter resort, like play ice hockey, do some snowboard downhill slalom, pelt people with snowballs and also try a hand at helicopter landing, these are more like arcade games.


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