Monster Hunter Puzzles: Felyne Isles

Welcome to Monster Hunter Puzzles! Explore the world of Monster Hunter through a cast of cute Felyne characters while solving challenging puzzles!

Introduction The Felyne Isles may seem like a peaceful corner of the Monster Hunter universe, but all is not well... Monsters are rampaging, making life miserable for the residents.

Solve puzzles and help Felynes get back on their paws! All of the "Catizens" have their own stories. Listen to what they need and solve their problems to bring the island back to life! There's drama waiting to unfold on every corner of these isles. Come join these cute Felynes on their soon-to-be island paradise!

Advanced Match 3 Puzzles - Pieces move diagonally as well as vertically and horizontally! - Solve puzzles to repel the monsters that appear! - Make tons of special pieces during "Meowllocation Time"! - Populate your island with new Felynes by solving puzzles! - Raise your "Pawtential" and earn skills that will help solve puzzles! - Compete with players around the world and earn ranking rewards!

Capcom—the company behind Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Mega Man—now presents a casual and cute match 3 puzzle game. The destination? The Felyne Isles! - What will you build!? Pick out buildings that fit perfectly with the Felynes and the island. - Get to know these unique critters as you take them through the trials and tribulations of getting their businesses running again! - Collect materials and exchange them for outfits to deck out your Felyne avatar with the latest fashion!



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June 27, 2024
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