Puzzle & Dragons

An extremely popular and super addictive freemium game with over 30 million downloads in Japan and ranked as one of the top grossing apps, Puzzle & Dragons combines the key elements of a puzzle game, a dungeon-crawling RPG, and monster collecting adventure!

Players will command a team of monsters as they explore countless dungeons, collect treasure and battle a variety of powerful foes along the way. Slide colorful orbs across the screen until 3 or more are adjacent to attack foes. Strategize team building and make full use of the opponents’ elemental weaknesses to deal massive amounts of damage. If players manage to survive through the epic boss fights, the spoils of victory await!

With over a thousand monsters to collect, players can build the perfect team to conquer any dungeon. Swap ID codes with friends and recruit each other’s monsters by taking advantage of the “helper” team member slot. Players can also use the friend search feature to seek out more powerful allies.

Main Features:

  • Simple and fun puzzle-dungeon-RPG hybrid game for everyone – When players match up three same colored elemental orbs (fire, water, wood, light, darkness) in a row or column, the matching monster in the party will unleash an attack on the enemies. Match five for an area attack and multiple combos for massive damage. Players can collect gold, eggs and monsters through the dungeons and customize a unique and original party!
  • Enlist the help of friends – Players do not travel alone in this dungeon! Before each fight, players can supplement their party by selecting a friend’s monster to get through the battle. For more fun and excitement, build up the Friends List and earn Pal Points.
  • Collect and level up monsters – While collecting monsters can be addictive, there is a limit on the number players can have in their inventory. Gradually form a stronger team by leveling up monsters through fusion and evolution. POWER UP AND EVOLVE. Fuse your monsters to make them even stronger. With the right ingredients, cute baby dragons can become majestic and powerful beasts of battle. MONSTERS ASSEMBLE! With over 700 unique monsters to collect, there’s virtually no limit to the number of different team combinations you can try and match.
  • In-App purchases will give you Magic Stones – Use Magic Stones to obtain rare monsters through the Egg Machine, expand the number of slots in the Monster Box, restore Stamina and continue playing after Game Over.



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
Puzzle and Dragons
GungHo Online Entertainment
GungHo America
Puzzle, RPG, Strategy
NA Release Date
December 11, 2012
JP Release Date
September 18, 2012
MVGL User Score
7.2 by 18 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
Kenji Ito
Official Website
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28 User(s)

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